Who created this site

This site was conceptualized, designed and implemented by Maneesh Soni in late 2003. He created this site out of passion for Hindi language and for the internet as an enabling technology. His other interests include photography, art, travel, tinkering and flying small planes. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India where he studied Electrical Engineering.

What is this site about

This website debuted in 2003 as an attempt to provide users with easy access to a English-Hindi dictionary. We remain committed to the goal of making it one of the finest reference sites for Indian languages. Starting with a very humble site that was first announced in an online Hindi forum, today this site serves English and Hindi meanings to users in over 180 countries!

Background and Motivation

The online English Hindi dictionary started as a small project with an aim to just make a website in Hindi. Dictionary was chosen as an application because there was no good quality online dictionary at the time and also because making a dictionary involves lot of challenge. The first version was a very simple site with about 15,000 words from the public domain dictionary compiled by Ram Narain Lal in 1936. Over time, the vocabulary was improvised and today it has tens of thousands of words. This site has grown in popularity because of its easy interface and strong vocabulary database. And we stay committed to improving it continuously.

Future Goals

Today, this online dictionary is one of the top sites for Indian language reference. However, we believe that there is a lot of potential for improvement. We hope that with the help of our knowledgeable users, we can make lot of improvement in the quality of this dictionary. So, we have developed an interface that allows interested users to contribute to the dictionary using an easy interface. It is our hope that with the help of knowledgeable individuals around the world, especially in India, this will become the richest English Hindi dictionary in the world. Depending on how good the collaborative efforts are, we also plan to start releasing the dictionary for download. That will let us give the results of collaborative efforts back to the user community and ultimately, help the users and learners of Hindi.