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This site provides an English to Hindi Dictionary as well as a Hindi to English Dictionary. Started in 2003 as an English to Kannada dictionary, this site is now used by hundreds of thousands of people in over a hundred countries around the world.

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“I don’t think of my life as a career. I do stuff. I respond to stuff. That’s not a career — it’s a life!”

Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple

“मैं अपने जीवन को एक पेशा नहीं मानता. मैं कर्म में विश्वास रखता हूं. मैं परिस्थितियों से शिक्षा लेता हूं. यह पेशा या नौकरी नहीं है - यह तो जीवन का सार है. ”

स्टीव जॉब्स, संस्थापक, एप्पल

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BBC mentions Shabdkosh.com

The British Broadcasting Company has identified Shabdkosh.com as a leading English Hindi dictionary by mentioning it on their Hindi language page.

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