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i have to learn gujrati

16 December 2011 02:18PM Ignore  

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i dont know gujrati but i have to at least speak well.what i have to do…..

22 December 2011 01:07PM Ignore   #1  
Ragini Porwal

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i thing u should join some gujarati spoken classes…it will help u..

22 December 2011 02:37PM Ignore   #2  

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@Ragini Porwal,
Thanks for helping ! Just a couple of points:
- I think ... instead of ‘thing’
- ‘You’ instead of ‘u’ (Please avoid sms language, read the forum guidelines)

12 September 2013 03:19PM Ignore   #3  

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Get Gujarati alphabet app learn and memorise first step

24 November 2013 02:41PM Ignore   #4  
Kaushik Lele

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Refer my blog to Learn Gujarati from English

I thoroughly discuss grammar here. It has 24 lessons as of now. I will be adding more and more lessons.
Visit at let me know your feedback at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

You can also join facebook group of learning Gujarati

  ‹‹ Gujarati through English      ઇંગ્લિશ 2 GUJARATI ››