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Online English Hindi Dictionaries

Here is a selection of English Hindi dictionaries on the internet.

tmpA75 is one of the few online English Hindi dictionaries that has powerful search system and is rapidly growing! This is also the top ranked (by Google, Yahoo and Live Search) English Hindi dictionary site in the world. It supports both English to Hindi and Hindi to English searches. For help with pronunciation, it has audio playback facility for English words.

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English Hindi Dictionary by Kamil Bulke

Fr. Kamil Bulke created very good dictionary. More details are available here.

Author: Fr. Kamil Bulke

ISBN: 0828811318

Oxford English Hindi Dictionary

This is very good quality dictionary published by the Oxford University Press.


Author: S K Verma, R.N. Sahai

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195648196

Oxford Hindi English Dictionary

The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary is a very good dictionary published by the Oxford University Press.

The author of this dictionary is R. S. McGregor and it is published by the Oxford University Press. The ISBN number of this book is 019864339X.





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