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This site provides an English to Bengali Dictionary as well as a Bengali to English Dictionary. Started in 2003 as an English to Hindi dictionary, this site is now used by hundreds of thousands of people in over a hundred countries around the world.

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आडम्बरपूर्ण, वैभवशाली, विशाल, महान, सुंदर, भव्य, शानदार, प्रतापी

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“When you choose your friends, don't be short-changed by choosing personality over character.”W. Somerset Maugham
“जब आप अपने मित्रों का चयन करते हैं तो चरित्र के स्थान पर व्यक्तित्व को न चुनें।”डब्ल्यू सोमरसेट मोघम
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