Oxford English Hindi Dictionary

This is very good quality dictionary published by the Oxford University Press. The editors of the Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary are S.K. Verma and R.N. Sahai, who are expert writers on topics pertaining to language and its usage.

Their main focus has been to compile English-Hindi dictionaries. They have also many other dictionaries to their credit, such as the Oxford English-English-Hindi Dictionary, the Essential English-English-Hindi Dictionary and the Students English-Hindi Dictionary.

This dictionary is geared towards people whose native tongue is Hindi and who wish to learn English. So, often, there is no information provided on the Hindi nouns’ genders. The book may not be very helpful for those non-Hindi speakers who want to it as an English-Hindi dictionary.

Still, it is highly recommended as it is excellent in its coverage of Western terms and concepts and gives explanations and translations in the very well written Hindi. It still serves well as a bilingual dictionary, and students will most surely have profit from using it.

Editors: S K Verma, R.N. Sahai

Publisher: Oxford University Press (2003)

Pages: 800

ISBN: 0195648196

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